Weathering the Winter

Winter often offers stark contrasts, such as the beauty of snow-covered landscapes to accompany bone- chillingly cold temperatures. While nature can be a bear, technology can help keep you safe, cozy and entertained through the winter season whether you’re in the icy South or the Great White North.

The Winter Survival Kit app can help when weather takes a turn for the worse, ensuring the safety and security of loved ones. You can store important phone and policy numbers to keep reliable backup plans when traveling in unpredictable weather. The app can even calculate how long to run an engine to heat up the car while staying safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

With snow and ice sliding off of trees and rooftops, power outages are always a possibility. Apps like Power Outage Alarm Pro give you peace of mind by you them when electrical equipment in your areas suffer an outage. Though losing power is never ideal, resources like this give a head-start on repairs or alternate plans. Chargers like the Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation are good to have on hand as well.

If you hate taking your gloves off every time you want to use your wireless device, there are plenty of comfortable touch-screen gloves options that are available. REI offers gloves in many different sizes and styles with conductive material that ensures full control for texting and browsing the Web.

And of course, who doesn’t love cozying up and watching movies, blizzard or not? Many new and classic films are available through services like Netflix to watch at your leisure on computers and tablets.

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