Kevin White’s Must-have Apps

Whether I’m traveling, keeping up with the latest flicks or working at Verizon Wireless, my life has many facets. Here are my must-have apps for the many activities that make up my day:

1. Speaktoit Assistant – This app acts as my personal assistant; it is great for creating quick reminders and notes when I don’t have the time to write them down. Plus, it can make the most computer-illiterate person look tech-savvy instantaneously. (I’m just saying.)

2. IMDB – I’m a movie buff. For me, having the ability to get information about movies or actors and actresses in an instant is a luxury. When someone at a party asks, “Hey, who’s the actor who played in…?” I’m the smartest guy in the room.

3. Temple Run – Sometimes there’s that awkward moment when I’m waiting for an appointment or at the train stop with nobody to text. The solution: Temple Run. This is a great game to burn time and sharpen my reflexes. I plan to beat my high score of 8 million at my next doctor’s appointment.

4. VZ Navigator – I drive from town to town in New Jersey and sometimes even to New York City. VZ Navigator makes driving on the East Coast a lot easier for this Wisconsin native. Frankly, I don’t know where I’d be without it.

5. AccuWeather – This isn’t the fanciest app, but it beats waiting for the TV news to report the weather. Just one click and I can get a quick weather forecast for the day and week ahead. The app even gives me insight on what activities are best for that particular day.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.