Meagan Dorsch’s Must-have Apps

According to Mashable, smartphone users across the globe download an average of 25 mobile apps, and I’m no exception. I love learning about, discovering and trying new apps that can be integrated into many different parts of my life. Here are some of my must-have apps you may not know about:

1. MyWeddingApp – I attended two weddings last year that used this app to gather photos for the bride and groom. It’s such a cool idea, especially once I saw it in action. The app lets guests take photos and share them immediately on the couple’s wedding website or via the app. It’s like having dozens of photographers capturing all of the beautiful moments at your wedding for free.

2. MyFitnessPal – I live in Denver, which is one of the top cities for active lifestyles. Whether I’m headed outside to hike trails, hitting the gym or simply running from meeting to meeting, MyFitnessPal is an easy way to track my calories and stay fit.

3. Evernote – “Remember everything” is Evernote’s slogan, and that really says it all about this app. I capture and save notes, photos, websites, itineraries and more so I can easily recall all the information later. The best part? Evernote syncs with all of my devices, so what I capture is always at my fingertips.

4. Wunderlist – When I’m planning for an event or upcoming project, I use this app to keep organized. I can set recurring to-dos and reminders for myself as well as due dates, and I can even share my lists with colleagues, making for a great collaboration tool.

5. Shanghai Mahjong Lite – My smartphone has to have some fun apps too! I love a good game of Mahjong, and best of all, the app is free.

What are the latest apps you’ve discovered? Let us know on Twitter at @VZWnews or @VZWmeagan.

This is part the Verizon WirelessMust-have Apps series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.