It’s Spring Training...For Wireless Networks

For baseball spring training fans, this year’s upgraded wireless experience in and around ballparks will be like watching a player report to camp after an intensive off-season workout program: bigger, stronger, faster.

That’s because Verizon Wireless technicians have been working on their swings, too.

Throughout the Grapefruit League in Florida and Arizona’s Cactus League, Verizon Wireless network engineers have activated dozens of new 4G LTE cell sites during the past year. These efforts are part of ongoing investments in the nation’s largest high-speed 4G LTE network, now covering more than 500 markets and 97 percent of the U.S. population.

With advanced 4G LTE technology, fans can use their smartphones, tablets, accessories and other devices to send photos and videos to friends back home; stream their favorite team’s stats, highlights and other news between innings; download full-length HD movies; play in online games or fantasy leagues; and more.

“Everyone is a fan of fast, reliable wireless coverage,” says Frank Wise, executive director of Verizon Wireless’ Florida network, “and we’re committed to clearly beating our competition and providing the best possible coverage for our customers.”