Nat Geo’s BioBlitz Brings Together Education and the Outdoors

The National Geographic BioBlitz shows how mobile technology can truly impact education and help get kids out of the classroom and into the world to learn from experience.

The 2014 version of this annual event descended on San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area on March 28 and 29. Students, teachers and scientists took part in an intense 24-hour flora and fauna inventory known as a bioblitz.

Also onsite was Verizon’s Street Team. The team showed students how to use the free iNaturalist app on mobile devices to identify species and share their photos as part of the inventory. Counting birds soaring high above the Golden Gate’s Hawk Hill was the task of one team in particular.

Verizon Wireless also extended the network into most remote reaches of the park – even deep into Muir Woods – so that students could transmit images in real-time for the inventory.

Click to watch the National Geographic BioBlitz here, and the BioBlitz dance here


Video credit: John Griffith, | YouTube Channel | Note: The BioBlitz Dance must be done outdoors.