Capturing Memories: Graduation, Photos and the Verizon Cloud

Graduation season is here; it’s a time for caps, gowns and countless photo opportunities with your family and friends. While there’s no guarantee your great aunt will find the venue or that your little brother won’t give you rabbit ears for the big family photo, with the help of your smartphone or tablet you can capture the best photos, while the Verizon Cloud will keep your photos safe and accessible, no matter what happens to your device or how far away you move.

Today’s smartphones and tablets allow you to capture sharp, clear images while providing those final touches with apps. The Adobe Photoshop Express app, for example, harnesses the power of Photoshop right on your phone. You can fix red eye, crop images or correct color with slider controls, or let one-touch automatic fixes and filters do the work for you. The final images can be sent to a nearby drugstore for printing or shared to your social media networks.

With Flipagram, you can make your favorite memories come to life by turning your snapshots and quick videos into a short film. With options to incorporate your favorite tunes or even voiceovers, the final product is perfect for playing on a loop at your graduation party.

And, as with everything you do on your mobile device, make sure to preserve your memories for the future. With the Verizon Cloud, you can upload your photos and videos to protect, back up and access them across smartphones, tablets and computers. When you download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your smartphone, you receive 5 GB of free storage. Verizon Wireless’ MORE Everything Plan customers get a total of 25 GB of free storage per line.

With the help of these apps, you can treasure your graduation day photos for years to come – even the one where you have rabbit ears.