More Data Options for Small Businesses on the Verizon Wireless Network

As small businesses grow and prosper, so do the needs of their workforce. More data for transactions and more devices for employees mean that companies need the right wireless solutions.

Verizon Wireless offers the flexibility that a growing business requires. And starting today, the MORE Everything Plan for Small Business will offer three new shareable data options – 60 GB, 80 GB and 100 GB. Additionally, those three data options allow users to share data among up to 50 devices, the most offered on any small business mobile plan at this time.

While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to mobile users, small businesses have choices with MORE Everything and can select the type of plan that suits them – whether they need voice and data or data-only. Some businesses require a combination of voice and data devices while others may need data-only devices such as tablets, USB modems and Jetpacks to run their business.

The plans give customers unlimited domestic and international messaging while in the US so businesses can maintain constant communication with global clients or suppliers. Shared voice minutes for calls to and from Canada and Mexico can also be added for an additional monthly access fee, as well as global data plans.

What else do small businesses get with MORE Everything? In addition to unlimited voice and messaging, the plans include:

  • The Mobile Hotspot feature on capable devices so teams can create Wi-Fi hotspots when needed to stay productive.
  • 25 GB of Verizon Cloud storage per device on the account. Accidents sometimes happen at work - if a device gets lost or destroyed, important files stored to the cloud can be recovered.
  • Access to corporate email using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or IBM Lotus Notes Traveler so business teams can keep their inboxes and calendars synced while mobile.
  • Connectivity to the nation's most reliable wireless network so users can call important clients when needed and share key documents or large files quickly among coworkers.

Learn more about small business mobile plans.

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