Wedding Bells Go Wireless

When I got engaged in the fall of 2013, it was icing on a massive cake of life changes including a move from Louisville, Ky., to Lynchburg, Tenn. Once the initial excitement of the proposal wore off, I immediately began planning a destination wedding on South Georgia’s Sea Island

Now planning a destination wedding is one thing, but planning a destination wedding from a tiny town is a different kind of feat. In Lynchburg, which has one stoplight and a population just shy of 600, bridal boutiques, stationery shops and florists are more than 90 minutes away in Nashville.  

With the exception of a couple of trips to Sea Island for site visits and high-level planning meetings, details like planning a menu and choosing a photographer would need to be decided online.

I was grateful for the reliable connectivity that Verizon Wireless provided me - my iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini soon started to feel like appendages I couldn’t live without. With mobile apps for Pinterest, Skype, and Macy’s, I was able to keep all of my ideas organized and shareable. I was also easily able to collaborate and share ideas with my mother and family in Kentucky, which was incredibly important to me.

I hopped on Skype to run ideas past my mom whenever I needed. It was fun and helped ease the transition of being so far from home.

Our wedding planner was in Georgia, and giving her access to my wedding boards on Pinterest allowed her to review my pins in advance and make some amazing suggestions that were perfectly suited to my vision. Meeting her with my iPad handy provided as a nice visual aid that helped articulate my ideas for candle arrangements and magnolia-leaf table runners, which would have been tough without photos.

I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer for almost a decade. I was not surprised to learn that I would have network access in a place like Lynchburg, which is far from the beaten path. Thanks to my Verizon Wireless devices and its incredible network, planning a destination wedding from my small town has been a breeze.


Ashley Schaffner Bio:

Lynchburg, Tenn. resident Ashley Schaffner is planning her October wedding at a location 500 miles away. As a communications professional who zeroes in on details with a laser-like focus, she shares how she is managing the minutiae of the wedding, while keeping her family informed and her sanity intact.