Must-have Apps for Millennials

As a senior in college, “multitasking” is my middle name. Between classes, clubs, a full-time internship and just enjoying my 20s, there is always a lot going on. To help keep my chaotic life on track, there are a few must-have-apps that I make sure to put on all of my devices.

  • Tag – With Tag, I can show my friends what I am doing and where my daily adventures take me. It combines aspects of Snapchat, Foursquare and Google Maps and allows me to send geo-located pictures and videos to my contacts. I use it to meet up with friends in New York City and stay connected with classmates who are interning around the country.
  • Pocket – When I scroll through Twitter, I always find interesting articles that I want to read, but don’t have time for at that moment. This is where Pocket comes in. Pocket allows me to store and categorize articles to read at a later time. Now every Internet window on my phone isn’t taken up by unread articles, instead I can use the pages for searching, browsing … and some clothes shopping.
  • Google Drive – As a college student, I am constantly working on projects and assignments with other people. Whether it is putting together a final report with four group members or sharing a meeting agenda with a student organization, Google Drive is one of my most useful apps. This cloud tool helps me to work with groups of people on one project from various locations. I can also upload my own documents from my personal laptop and then access them from a different computer or my phone.
  • Aviary – My generation likes to share our lives through pictures, which is probably why I check Instagram more often than Facebook. Since Instagram has become so popular, solely using the X-Pro II or the Lo-Fi filter won’t help you rack up the likes on your photos. Aviary lets me take my photos one step further with additional filters and editing tools. Warning: Just be careful not to over edit a photo so that it looks fake. No one likes seeing that.
  • Nike+ Running – Lastly, in order to stay as stress-free as possible, I love to go for a run. Whether I am doing cardio in the gym or going for a run through town, Nike+ Running tracks my distance, pace and more for each workout. I can post my run to social media and get “cheers” or encouragement from friends. Plus, I like that I can program my favorite workout songs into the app and choose “Powersongs” that can be used to push me during my workouts.

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This is part of the Verizon Wireless Must-have Apps series, which provides insights into the apps that people use every day to embrace the mobile lifestyle.