Powerful Tech to Make Your Holidays Joyful and Successful

Each holiday season brings with it a new wave of technologies that promise to make our lives easier and more fun, be they game-changing inventions, convenient apps or new ways to stay connected with family and friends. Since we’re all so busy with decision-making about what to give and get, what to cook and serve, and how to travel and relax, the holiday season is the perfect time to focus on the innovations that truly help empower us to live happier, more connected and even healthier lives.

During our special series over the next month, Verizon Wireless looks at the many ways new technology can empower you through the busiest time of year. We’ve got you covered every step of the way:

  • Travel & Planning — Getting you where you need to go smartly and safely
  • Family & Home —  All the tips you need for a happy, healthy holiday
  • Last-Minute Shopping — Don't worry, we all do it! And we've got great gift ideas
  • Post-Holiday Device Advice — From security, to cleaning your new device, to a few basic tips to share with your parents

We’ll tell you about wearables that may help improve your health (even during the holiday party season!) great tech gifts for every member of the family, tips to protect all those new devices and gadgets (and keep them like new) and much more.

The first story in our series is Must-have Apps for Holiday Meal Planning. We’ve listed a few upcoming stories below.

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More to come! Thanks for reading.

Upcoming stories:

  • Staying Fit Over the Holidays with Apps & Wearables
  • Keep Your Guests Entertained With These Cool Gadgets
  • The First 10 Apps Everyone Should Download on a New Device