Verizon’s Commitment to Techweek Detroit Highlights Tech Innovation

As a company that’s committed to using wireless technology to foster powerful solutions with real-world applications in healthcare, transportation, education, sustainability and public safety, Verizon is proud to support Techweek in its mission and will be presenting at this year’s Emerging Cities Summit.

Verizon’s presence at Techweek Detroit will also include expo space featuring connected solutions from Detroit-based companies involved in the Verizon Partner Program (VPP). When asked about the solutions that will be on display, Sam Kennedy, executive director at Techweek, says: “At Techweek, you will be able to see the tangible results from Verizon’s work with tech companies in the region, especially in the Internet of Things space.” 

Lauren Love-Wright, president of the Michigan/Indiana/Kentucky region, will provide the keynote address for the summit, which will explore how the technology industry is leading the way to support cities like Detroit in its resurgence as an economic force and cultural center for the region.

As Love-Wright puts it, “Detroit’s success today is driven by those who are using technology and ingenuity to solve everyday challenges.”  A Detroit native, Love-Wright sees firsthand how Detroit’s emerging technology community is moving the city forward.

Verizon is dedicated to supporting the continued growth in Detroit and will continue to serve as a strong partner for the city. In the past year alone, Verizon has invested $100 million in wireless network improvements for key parts of Detroit—part of a $2.7 billion investment in wireless network enhancements in Michigan since 2000. 

But Verizon’s commitment doesn’t stop there. As a leader in tech, it offers support to local innovators, developers and entrepreneurs by serving as a strong network partner who can help bring their wireless solutions and connected tech to market. In fact, Detroit-based companies are already using Verizon’s network to create innovative solutions.

With Techweek Detroit fast approaching, Verizon looks forward to connecting with others who share a passion for technology and using it to move cities like Detroit forward.

From Chicago to Miami, and Los Angeles to New York City, Techweek celebrates innovation in technology and recognizes the visionary companies and individuals who are propelling progressive ideas and bringing powerful solutions online. This year, the weeklong technology conference and festival is once again coming to Detroit—an up-and-coming tech hub that’s quickly emerging as a key player in the tech community.

Known for its high-tech expo, stimulating summits, high-profile panels and valuable networking opportunities, Techweek provides thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators with a platform to discuss emerging tech trends and gather around solutions that are making an impact on societal challenges.