Rock in Rio Revelers Rack Up 2 TB of Wireless Data

Selfies. Facebook posts. Tweets. Emails. Videos. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them – to the tune of two terabytes of data – were shared using the Verizon network over the course of the Rock in Rio USA event that concluded last weekend in Las Vegas.

By all accounts, the festival’s U.S. debut was a huge success with more than 172,000 in attendance and major headliners including Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Twenty couples even tied the knot under the backdrop of the nearby Strip’s neon lights.

Verizon prepared for the mobile-data hungry crowd by deploying a mobile cell site to boost capacity to the festival grounds. Network engineers even checked key areas of the property to do the “Can you hear me / text me / tweet me now?” network monitoring and management.

Verizon also has been adding small cell technology to its network along the Las Vegas Strip. While the company’s network already covers Las Vegas extensively, the added small cells are helping to improve voice quality, reliability and data speed for residents, visitors, convention-goers, businesses and first responders using the Verizon network, ensuring customers have the 4G LTE coverage and capacity they demand.

Thanks to the Verizon network, what happened in Vegas at the Rock in Rio event was posted on Instagram, shared on Facebook and Re-Tweeted on Twitter.