Verizon Gives Wireless Connectivity a Major Lyft

Verizon Wireless and Lyft, the sharing-economy pioneer offering an app for welcoming, affordable rides within minutes, have officially kicked off a multi-tiered partnership that will benefit Verizon Wireless customers and Lyft passengers and drivers.

Starting on Monday, May 11th, Verizon will provide a monthly access discount for drivers through Lyft’s Accelerate Premier Driver Rewards program. New or existing Verizon subscribers can shop with and register for this discount through a secure web portal.

Also beginning today, select new Verizon Android smartphones will be pre-loaded with the Lyft app, so passengers can easily request a ride the second they activate their devices.

“Lyft represents an emerging and innovative partner for Verizon in the transportation and sharing economy space. This is an exciting opportunity for us to chart new territories and create a broader user base,” said Russ Preite, region president for Verizon Wireless. “Lyft’s vision, to reconnect people and communities through better transportation, is best achieved when people are on the best network that connects them with a ride quickly and reliably. Verizon Wireless is a natural fit.”    

Wireless devices, technology and convenient transportation are vital. Lyft believes that smartphones and reliable connectivity are at the center of its driver-passenger experience, and Verizon Wireless offers the most dependable, largest 4G LTE network. Simply said, the better the network, the better the experience.