Verizon's LTE in Rural America (LRA) Program Celebrates Five Years of Delivering Advanced Wireless Services to Rural Customers

Customers in the most remote corners of the nation this week are celebrating the fifth anniversary of Verizon’s LTE In Rural America (LRA) program, which delivers advanced high-speed wireless technology to even the smallest towns and rural counties.

The LRA program, introduced in May 2010, now covers about 2.6 million people in areas totaling more than 100,000 square miles, from rugged stretches of Alaska to rustic areas of Kentucky and myriad sparsely-populated areas in thirteen other states.

Currently, 21 rural wireless carriers participate in the program. Verizon provides technical support and resources to help a rural wireless company build out its own 4G LTE network. The program extends the footprint of 4G LTE coverage for both the rural carrier and Verizon, as customers can take advantage of both networks.

Today, through the LRA program, dozens of smartphones and several of the latest tablets are certified to run on the 4G LTE networks, allowing customers to upload and download large files, stream video, access the internet, play online games and more at fast 4G LTE speeds.

“Verizon believes that customers even in the smallest communities deserve the most modern wireless service and technology,” said Philip Junker, Executive Director of Strategic Alliances for Verizon. “In these first five years, the LRA program has delivered value and high-tech solutions to customers and carriers in rural America.  It all comes down to being focused on the customer.”

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