No game machine? Console yourself with your tablet…

Today’s connected 4G LTE tablets are quickly becoming the year’s must-have gaming accessory. Connected tablets offer a big screen, excellent graphics and virtually-HD quality video – not to mention a whole host of great gaming content.

Whether you are into puzzles, first person shoot ‘em ups, role-playing adventure and strategy games, or madcap racing, there’s a tablet or smartphone game that can deliver high-quality online mobile gaming.

A 4G LTE-connected tablet means your online mobile gaming does not have to be restricted to Wi-Fi connections in your home or the local coffee shop. With 4G LTE, you can play on the bus or train, or even relaxing with friends in the park.

Tablet or smartphone gaming is also great in that you can actually re-create the even bigger screen experience in your home. With a few simple accessories, your tablet can act as the gaming console connected to your home entertainment system.

Take Google Chromecast, for example.  This device simply plugs into the HDMI port of your HDTV and then connects to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected, you can effectively share the screen content from your tablet or smartphone on the HD screen and immediately expand your viewing and gaming pleasure.

Other key ways to level up your mobile gaming experience includes utilizing devices like the Moga Pro Power, which can give you an old-school gaming experience by enclosing your smartphone inside a typical gaming controller. What’s more, it actually powers your phone as you play and can link to your Android tablet as well.

Using a wireless game controller means you can also get a true gaming look and feel when connected to a television. It is much easier to play holding a tactile gaming controller with buttons rather than a touch screen device, once you have connected to a second screen. 

If you don’t want to monopolize the big screen at home, you can invest in a useful tool like Belkin’s Sync and Charge stand that positions your tablet at a great viewing angle to play games while the device re-charges. With wireless stereo Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you can further transform the audio experience.

The connected tablet is a tremendous business and information workhorse, and when work is done, it can transform seamlessly to become the center of your connected gaming world.