Top Five Parent-Approved Features of the New HTC One M9

Busy parents don’t have time for a phone that can’t keep up with their lifestyle, whether it’s a camera that isn’t quick enough to capture their daughter’s impromptu dance moves, speakers that play music too softly to comfort their toddler or a battery that dies mid-road trip.

Fortunately, the new HTC One M9 can meet the nonstop demands of any parent with a hectic schedule, according to San Francisco Bay Area bloggers Alice Serraon at Bay Area Mommy and Emelia Cellura at Half Crazy Mama. Both women spent one month testing the latest HTC One M9 and have singled out their favorite features:

HTC BoomSound™ – The HTC One M9 features front-facing dual speakers with Dolby Audio™ surround sound and built-in amplifier, which really came in handy for Alice. “Because the speakers are front-facing, I don’t have to flip my phone around whenever I need to hear some music — which [is] helpful if I’m trying to watch a video.”

Five-inch screen – Bigger is better when it comes to screen size, so you can entertain your little ones—or yourself—without having to strain. Alice said, “I don’t want to squint my eyes just to read or see the apps I’m using. And the HTC One M9 has a five-inch screen that allows me to see the apps without having to exert much effort!”

Reliable coverage – Emelia rushed from one event to the next throughout the month, whether it was attending a work summit or running her latest half marathon. During her travels, she experienced the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. “I took this phone with me all over the country and had great service from Verizon the entire time - from Northern California, to Arizona, all the way to Florida, back to the West Coast in Southern California, and then to Colorado,” she said. “This phone has a lot of miles under its belt.”

High-performing cameras – With a 20-megapixel rear camera and Ultrapixel front-facing camera with advanced editing tools, you can capture your birthday cake and edit it too. The camera allowed Emelia and Alice to shoot photos for their blog posts and capture the lightning-fast moves of their kids with burst mode. Emelia raved about the capabilities of burst mode. “For a mom of a five-year-old who NEVER stops moving, this feature is worth its weight in gold,” she said.

UH OH™ Protection – Customers who purchase the HTC One M9 automatically get UH OH™ Protection from HTC. It includes one free phone replacement for a cracked screen or water damage, so no need to panic if your little one takes your phone for a swim. This is a major benefit for Emelia. “I have shattered too many phones in my day. As a mom and runner it is pretty easy to do, so this makes perfect sense for all of us active moms. The HTC One M9 gets a big, huge thumbs up from this active mom.”

Are you a parent who’s ready for an upgrade? The HTC One M9 is available now in Silver Gold or Metal Gray online or at any Verizon Wireless store. For a full list of specifications, visit