Six useful Android apps you probably haven’t heard of

The number of apps that are available to us is astounding. It’s easy to believe there are apps for everything. With so many options available, however, it can be hard to determine what apps to get. Below is a list of a few apps that aren’t your everyday app but can be pretty useful, depending on your situation.

  • Tunity – Ever been to a noisy bar and can’t hear what the announcers are saying on the TV? This app allows you to play the sound of the TV from your device. It scans the TV and figures out what channel is on. Then, audio begins playing through your phone.
  • Photomath – This app claims itself to be the world’s smartest calculator. Having trouble figuring out how to solve a math problem? Using your phone’s camera, the app captures math problems and walks you through the steps.
  • RunPee – Having to use the restroom while watching a movie can be rough. This app tells you the best time to get up to go. Just set what movie you’re watching and it will tell you the best times to use the restroom. It will even give you a short summary of what’s happening while you’re away!
  • Pushbullet – Checking your phone notifications while working can become a juggling task. This app pushes notifications from your phone to other devices. You can also push links and files from your phone to your desktop. And the best part? There’s full SMS integration so you can view entire conversations from your desktop.
  • Listen on Repeat – This one is pretty straightforward. There are a few reasons why this app is great. Not only will it let you play your favorite YouTube clips on repeat, it allows you to turn the screen off while listening. In terms of saving battery life, this will help greatly.
  • Twilight – Ever catch yourself having trouble falling asleep because you’re on your phone late at night? According to this app, exposure to ‘blue light’ before going to sleep may disrupt your sleeping cycle. The app helps reduce blue light emitting from your device. The best part is it recognizes your time zone and can automatically adapt to the timing of the day.

Although some of these apps aren’t for everyone, it goes to show there really is an app for just about everything. What are some of your unusual apps? Share with us @VerizonNews.