Walk in and get a Pixel today and save up to $400

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Want to try out the new Google Pixel? There’s only one place you can try one out and it’s at your nearby Verizon store. If you buy one, you’ll get up to $400 credit and be connected to our next gen LTE Advanced network, already in more than 450 cities across the nation.

Verizon’s Pixel offer is hassle free because we simply credit your account. We don’t make you go to a validation website to file for the credit as you cross your fingers and wait. 

Here’s what we’re offering:

  • New customers can receive up to $400 account credit when they switch and trade in when purchasing a new Pixel or Pixel XL with device payment agreement.
  • Existing customers can receive up to $300 account credit when trading in and purchasing a new Pixel or Pixel XL with device payment agreement. 

And credits aren’t the only reason to come to Verizon. Here are five reasons your Pixel is better on Verizon – and not a discount provider:

  1. Faster than fast. With Verizon's LTE Advanced, you get 50% faster speeds in more than 450 cities from coast to coast. Don't settle for less than the best network – you'll need it to store unlimited images in Google Photos.
  2. Exclusive features. Only Verizon offers NFL Mobile and Stream Pass, which now features exclusive NBA content.
  3. Best customer experience. Purchasing a Pixel at Verizon is easy. Come into our store, test drive the Pixel and its many accessories, talk to our in-store experts, then buy and activate all at once.
  4. Promotion. As noted above. Did you know T-Mobile’s promotions are only eligible when you purchase a $70/month plan?
  5. Availability. Only Verizon offers the full assortment of Pixel smartphones.

*trade-in must be in good, working condition. 

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