Wangiri Fraud: What to Know and How to Protect Yourself

By John Lewandowski, manager of security systems for Verizon
Telephone on desk

Telecommunication companies are reporting recent calling activity known as Wangiri Fraud. Wangiri Fraud entices recipients (the called party) of one-ring calls to return missed calls.

How it works: A fraudster generates a large number of telephone calls, targeting one or multiple parties. Each call terminates after one ring, leaving the calling party number on the recipient’s caller ID display. The called party sees the missed call, and out of curiosity calls the number back. However, the number being called is actually a premium-rate number, and the caller is billed a hefty charge on his phone bill.

How to protect yourself: If you do not recognize the phone number or area/country code in your recent call list or on your display screen, do not call the number back.