Who needs a call today?

By: Ali Stevens

It’s a simple question, with so much meaning, and it took a running app to remind me.

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Throughout the last year, like everyone else, I have relied heavily on my phone: Facetime, barre classes, news, Instagram and so on.

But, there’s one app that I’ve had but never knew I really needed: Nike Run Club. I’ve used it for years, but I hadn’t tried the guided runs until a friend recommended it. Why would I want to listen to someone coach me through something I already don’t want to do? I gave it a try and it was a game changer, but not only for my running.

A guided run coaches you through your breathing and your pace, but also helps you reconnect with yourself mentally. We spend so much time working on our physical health, but never enough on our mental health.

At the end of one of my favorite runs, Coach Bennett asks, “Who needs a call today?” To clarify, he’s not asking if I need a call from him. He’s asking who in my life could use a call from me. It stops me in my tracks every time (odd for a running app!). And the truth is, sometimes it’s someone I know who could use a check-in, and sometimes I’m the one that needs the call. Either way, it’s not going to happen unless I pick up the phone. And often I do.

We have gotten so used to this new normal that we almost take this sense of isolation and disconnectedness for granted, forgetting the power each of us has by simply picking up the phone and using it as it was intended — as a phone!

Time is precious, but what’s even more valuable is making a friend or family member feel special and loved.

Coach Bennett may not be here, but I am, and I have a question for you. Who needs a call today?

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About the author(s):

Ali Stevens is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team specializing in events and communications.

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