06.22.2017Enterprise Tech

Why enterprise orchestration matters to Verizon Enterprise customers

By: John O’Malley
change ahead

Imagine how simple it would be to run your business if your everyday needs and the competitive environment never changed. You could just install a new network system, flip the “on” switch, and never have to worry about changing the operating parameters, adding new capabilities, or updating security policies.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Business operations, competitive pressures, and other aspects of enterprise environments are dynamic – they fluctuate all the time. To stay competitive, businesses need to continually update and maintain their network systems as their business evolves. That can get expensive and impact revenue.

Verizon Enterprise Orchestration changes the service delivery model.

Designed to grow and evolve with the needs of your business, orchestration as an enabler to virtual network services allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Deploy new services and integrate additional services into the network
  • Protect sensitive data on a secure platform, and easily update and change security policies across your network and devices at the site level
  • Monitor and improve network performance, and respond to changes in utilization and demand by turning applications up and down as needed
  • Manage your costs by deploying and paying only for the applications and virtual network services you need, helping businesses control costs and realize revenue faster

Video segment: Changing customer behaviors

Mark Hollman, senior manager, Product Marketing for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, recently talked to us about how changing customer behaviors and other business dynamics are leading to challenges for the enterprise:

Video segment: Orchestration changes service delivery

Mark talks about how orchestration changes the services delivery model, simplifies application deployments, and ultimately helps improve system performance:

Video segment: Three ways orchestration can impact business outcomes

In this segment, you’ll hear three ways orchestration can positively impact business outcomes:

About the author(s): 

John O’Malley is an external communications manager at Verizon writing about enterprise solutions.