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Go farther and faster
with our most powerful router.


Get our most advanced router yet. Rent it for just $10/mo.
or buy it for $149.99 (plus taxes and shipping).

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Ready to make the most of your Internet connection?
With our most powerful router, get access to our top Wi-Fi speeds*.
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Get up to speed.


Fios Quantum Gateway uses dual band technology, which is just a fancy way of saying that our router separates high-bandwidth tasks, like video streaming or gaming, from low-bandwidth tasks, like checking email. That means no matter how many gadgets, gizmos or whiz kids you have in the house you’ll have faster speeds and virtually no lag time. Dual band allows the latest devices to use the higher band to achieve best available speeds.

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Boost your range.


The Fios Quantum Gateway brings you more speed at a greater distance so it’s perfect for larger homes and even more devices.

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Secure your signal.


Now that you’ve got the fastest Wi-Fi available*, keep it secure. The Fios Quantum Gateway allows you to create a separate, secure guest Wi-Fi. Plus, create Enhanced Parental Controls with the My Fios App.


There are 2 ways
to bring home the
Fios Quantum Gateway:


Rent for


a month (plus tax)


Buy for


(plus tax and shipping)


Order online,
tune to Fios TV channel 682
or call 1.888.611.6607

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*Based on internet speed plans and maximum router throughput available. 

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