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Unlimited data plans for all
your connected devices.

Get the data you need without needing Wi-Fi.

Smartwatch data plans

Stay connected, even when your phone stays home.

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Tablet data plans

Stream shows, play games or even work from your tablet when you’re out.

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Mobile Hotspot data plans

Create a secure, portable Wi-Fi network for your devices at home or on the go.

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Laptop data plans

Ditch public Wi-Fi and get a fast, secure connection for your computer.

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Connected car data plans

Enjoy a reliable connection on the road.

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Security data plans

Keep an eye on what matters—even when it’s outside your home Wi-Fi range.

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Looking for Unlimited data plans for your phone?

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Looking for unlimited data plan for your phone

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Have more questions
on connected devices?
We’ve got answers.

What is a connected device plan? Can I get one for my device?

Connected device plans are monthly data plans for your non-phone devices (i.e., mobile hotspot devices*, USB modems, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, security cameras, in-car Wi-Fi and more).

You can get a connected device plan(s) if your Verizon mobile account has either:

  • No phone plans - you'll pay the "standalone" plan price

    Exception: To get our Essential or Plus plans for mobile hotspot devices and USB Modems your account must have at least one unlimited phone plan that can be mixed and matched**, One Unlimited for iPhone**, Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Welcome.
  • At least one unlimited mobile phone plan.

Note: If you have a shared data plan***, you don't need a separate plan for your non-phone device because the device can share your plan's data. A $10/month line access fee is charged for each connected device sharing your monthly data.

*Mobile hotspot devices are different from the mobile hotspot app or built-in feature in smartphones and tablets. Visit our Mobile hotspot feature and app FAQs to learn more.
**These plans are no longer available to add to your account.
***Shared data plans are no longer available to add to your account.

How many connected devices can I have on my Verizon mobile account?

You can add up to 12 smartphones or basic phones to your Verizon mobile account with any plan that allows for multiple lines of service. And you can have up to 30 total devices per account.

That means if you have 10 phone lines, you can have up to 20 connected devices (e.g., tablet, smartwatch, streaming camera, etc.).


  • If you have an unlimited monthly phone plan, each connected device must have its own data plan.
  • If you have a shared data* monthly phone plan, the connected devices can share that data.

*Shared data plans are no longer available to add to your account.

How much does a connected device plan cost?

Your connected device plan's monthly cost depends on:

  • The connected device type (e.g, laptop, mobile hotspot device, smartwatch, etc.).
  • Whether or not you already have a Verizon phone line.
  • Whether or not you already have any phones on an Unlimited monthly mobile plan, and which Unlimited plan you have.
  • How many non-phone devices you’re adding to your mobile account.
  • The plan you choose. Connected device plans differ in monthly data amounts and features (i.e., streaming speed, 5G Ultra Wideband).

Visit our connected device plans page and choose a device type to view plans and their monthly costs.

How do I get a connected device plan?

Visit our connected device plans page to view plan options for your device. Choose Shop or Bring your own to get started. Follow the steps to add a plan and device to your account.

Note: When you have a shared data plan*, your connected devices don't need a separate plan. They can share your phone plan's monthly data amount. A $10/month line access fee is charged for each connected device that shares your monthly data. Or, you can add a monthly plan that's just for your connected device.

*Shared data plans are no longer available to add to your account.