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Verizon Wi-Fi. Take your internet with you.

Verizon Wi-Fi acts as your wireless internet service provider so you can connect to your service at airports, hotels, cafes and other hotspots.

With our reliable wifi network, you can always stay connected

Access internet service around your home with Verizon Wi-Fi routers or extenders.

  • To achieve the best speeds through your DSL line, look no further than the Verizon High Speed Wi-Fi Gateway router. Or, if you're eligible for Fios, the Fios Gateway router will carry your speed to more places at home.

  • If you’re a big TV and movie streamer, or a gamer who needs fast speeds, the Wi-Fi extender can boost weak signals and expand the reach and potential of your Fios Wi-Fi network across your home.

  • Looking for a speed boost? Our network & wi-fi accessories provide you equipment that is ideal for your Verizon service.

Enjoy high speed Internet streaming with your family

Connect Wi-Fi–enabled devices with a mobile hotspot.

Imagine a gadget that’s smaller than a deck of cards, as easy to use as a light switch and powerful enough to provide a super-fast Internet connection to numerous devices. That’s a mobile hotspot, which lets you take Wi-Fi with you.

Wi-Fi hotspots keep multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices connected to the Verizon 4G LTE network. Unlike a USB modem or wireless modem, which can be used only with your laptop, a mobile hotspot can easily connect your laptop and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously.

Whether it’s taking a break on a camping excursion, shopping with your family or taking a road trip, you can stay connected and control who accesses your mobile hotspot with a password.

Get started with Verizon Wi-Fi in just a few short steps.

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Search the internet for sites that list locations that offer free Wi-Fi in your area.

Red Wifi ConnectionFree Wi-Fi?

Nowadays, many fast food restaurants, coffee shops and libraries offer free Wi-Fi.

Red Thumbs upFind a hotspot and connect

Have questions? Check out the Wi-Fi FAQs.

Enjoy high speed wifi with Fios Internet

Looking for Fios Internet?

Shop Fios Internet plans

When you have more speed, you’ll have the ability to do more online. Give everyone in your house the speed boost they need to surf, share and stream uninterrupted.

  • Download music and movies faster
  • Stream virtually lag-free
  • Share moments faster

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