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Verizon Return Policy - 30-day returns and exchanges

Planning to ship us a device for return or exchange? Visit our instructional page to learn how to prepare and package your device for shipment.


    Wireless device/accessory Return and Exchange Policy

    You may return or exchange wireless devices and accessories within 30 days of purchase. A restocking fee of $50 applies to any return or exchange of a wireless device (excluding Hawaii). If you purchased your device from a non-Verizon owned retail location (authorized retailer), you should review that location's return policy regarding their acceptance of device returns.

    You are permitted to make one exchange. To make an exchange, return the merchandise (including device, charger, battery, instructions, and any other components) in the ORIGINAL box. All merchandise must be in like-new condition and accompanied by the original receipt. Shipping charges may apply to exchange merchandise sent to you by Verizon.

    Devices must be returned within the 30 day device return period to avoid being assessed any applicable Early Termination Fee which may apply if your line of service has a minimum contract term. Please review your service summary receipt and Customer Agreement to determine if an Early Termination Fee may apply.

    If you return your merchandise, even by mistake, after the return period, you will not receive a refund and the merchandise you returned will not be returned to you. If you received promotional value when trading a device, and/or instant savings towards the purchase of a new device at the time of your trade, you agree that you will be charged for these values if you do not maintain active service on your new device for three billing cycles. Verizon will also charge back any promotional Trade in value if you return your promotional device, or exchange it for another device.

    At our discretion, we may decline your return or charge you a fee for a missing item, or for items that we determine are damaged or require service. If you return and we accept your merchandise within the return period, we will refund your purchase price, subject to the restocking fee. If you return a wireless device without a UPC on the box, the amount of the refund will be reduced by the amount of any mail-in rebate that was available for the wireless device at the time of purchase. Purchases made by cash or check, credit card or gift card will be refunded by check, credit card or gift card, respectively. If you return a purchase that you billed to your wireless account, refunds will be credited towards your wireless account.

    If you received your merchandise through a "Buy One, Get One Free" or similar offer and return only one of the items, your promotional offer will be canceled and a charge will appear on your next month's bill for any promotional benefit associated with the offer. If a device purchased as part of a BOGO offer is being exchanged for the same make and model, only the item that is being exchanged needs to be returned. For additional information, please see the terms and conditions of the promotional offer.

    If Verizon must remove installed equipment from a vehicle or fixed location in order to return or exchange it, you will be charged a service fee.

    Opened software purchased separately may be exchanged only for the exact same item at a Verizon Communications Store and may not be returned for refund.

    Before returning or exchanging any wireless device or accessory that has data in its memory, please transfer all data you wish to retain to another file source. Once the wireless device or accessory is returned, your data cannot be recovered.

    Additionally, you should retain or destroy any removable or portable memory cards or modules (such as a SIM Card or SD Card) in order to help protect sensitive information, such as mobile banking information.

    Because the FCC requires that nearly all wireless devices on a carrier's network have GPS capability, Verizon does not allow non-GPS wireless devices to be activated on our network. If you upgrade from a non-GPS capable wireless device to a GPS capable wireless device and then return it within the return period, Verizon will not allow the older non-GPS capable wireless device back on our network. We will, however, allow you to exchange your new wireless device for another GPS capable wireless device that will meet your needs, subject to the restocking fee.

    If you purchased your merchandise online or by phone, please follow the return instructions in your package. If you purchased your merchandise in a Verizon store, you can return it to any Verizon store. Please search Return Policy on verizon.com for more details. Returning your merchandise does not automatically terminate your service. You must call Customer Service to cancel service.


    Gift card returns

    Gift cards are not eligible for return or exchange, except as required by law.


    Standard monthly account service termination

    You may terminate service for any reason. You will remain responsible for your Activation Fee unless you terminate service within 3 days of activation.

    You will also be responsible for all applicable usage fees, prorated access charges, taxes, surcharges or other charges that accrued to your account through the termination date. If you paid a security deposit, it may take between 30 and 60 days to process the return of your security deposit. The charges for any service used on the account before the service termination date may be applied against your security deposit.

    If you cancel your service after the 30-day period, but prior to the expiration of your minimum term, you will be responsible for all of the above mentioned charges, including an Early Termination Fee.

    This service termination policy does not apply to customers who have purchased a Prepaid Plan.


    Verizon Prepaid Service Return Policy and important information

    How do I accept my Prepaid Customer Agreement?

    You accept the agreement by:

    • Agreeing in writing, by email, over the phone, or in person;
    • Opening a package that says you are accepting by opening it; or
    • Initializing your account.

    When you accept, you're representing that you are at least 18 years old and are legally able to accept an agreement. If you're accepting for an organization, you're representing that you are authorized to bind that organization, and where the context requires, "you" means the organization.

    If you don't want to accept, don't do any of these things.

    No refunds will be granted for service costs once a refill card has been purchased, your account has been initialized, or prepaid plan and/or service and/or perk service fees have been paid.


Last updated 1/16/24