03.08.2018Inside Verizon

International Women’s Day webcast and female gamers take charge at a Fios eSports event.

By: Jeremy Godwin

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Today, it’s all about International Women’s Day. Join us at 3 PM when we livestream our Women’s Day event that features trailblazing women from different career paths, sharing their message to women everywhere. Next, Fios hosted “Women Who Game” an eSports event that highlights some of the top female gamers in the industry.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Verizon will be celebrating International Women’s Day with a livestream event highlighting trailblazing women on Thursday, March 8, from 3-5 PM ET.

Women Who Game

Welcome to the first-ever Verizon Fios “Women Who Game” live broadcast! From CS:GO and Smash Brothers Melee to game development, you’ll hear from some of the top women leading the charge in esports about what it’s like to work and play in the industry.

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