5 travel companions to pack

By: Albert Aydin
Add Verizon to your pre-travel checklist

TravelPass is now available in more than 100 countries, letting you use your existing voice and data plan outside of the U.S. for as little as $2 per day, per line* to talk, text, surf the web and more.

Portable battery packs like the mophie powerstation 3X may be a given. Here are 5 more tech companions to consider for your next trip.

Make Memories 360 Degrees

When traveling, you want to capture and remember everything around you. The LG 360 CAM ($199.99) is a special camera that simultaneously captures 360-degrees of the environment. For example, taking a picture or video at an iconic location while traveling will record everything around you instead of just what’s behind or in front. And while it works great with LG phones, you don’t need one to use it as its compatible with Android and iOS devices

Travel in Style

Designer accessories aren’t just for your OOTD (outfit of the day) while traveling.

Comfort and Tunes

Airplane seats are already uncomfortable as it is. So your music experience should be simple and comfortable. The LG TONE PRO is a Bluetooth headset that’s lightweight and sits around the back of the neck. And Bluetooth means no headphone cables to untangle or getting caught around a bag or luggage.

The LG TONE PRO is currently $59.99 (normally $69.99). The discounted is available for the month of May as part of Verizon’s accessory of the month promotion.

Charging Adapters

The last thing you need is to arrive in a foreign country and not have a way to charge your devices. International travel charging kits are available at Verizon that include wall plug adapters for the UK, EURO and Australia. The chargers also include smart features like Auto Detect IC Technology to detect the device type and its specific charging needs for improved compatibility.

Travel kits are available for both Micro USB and Apple Lightning cables.

Home Security

Sometimes we just need reassurance that things are ok at home while traveling. The Canary home security system monitors your home and sends alerts when activity is detected with the option to contact the authorities if needed. You can also live stream what your Canary sees while relaxing at a resort thousands of miles away.

Visit the Verizon accessories home page for more information and full listing of our lineup.

* Taxes and fees apply; qualifying MORE Everything or Verizon plan and compatible 4G world phone required.

Albert Aydin is a Verizon Wireless analyst for Corporate Communications focusing on the latest and greatest wireless devices. He writes about smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and all the cool things you can do using 4G LTE. He also writes about those upcoming devices en Español. He was a Verizon Wireless summer intern throughout his college years before joining the team full time in 2010.