5G helps enterprises reimagine the future of work

By: Chris Ashraf

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A lot of the work we do every day requires real-time collaboration whether in-person or by video conference. Aside from having to deal with Ethernet cables, dongles and remote controls, we’ve all had meetings derailed by connectivity issues or having to squint through pixelated presentations. 5G can help solve these issues by delivering reliable connectivity and high-quality 4K video conferencing with improved audio quality that can be done across different devices.

At Verizon’s 5G Lab in New York City, Highfive, a video conferencing provider based in Redwood California, recently demonstrated how its in-room video conferencing solution can be enhanced with 5G. The company conducted a live 5G video conference from our New York City 5G Lab to our 5G Lab in Palo Alto. Participants showed how they could join the conference from a mobile device and switch to a laptop without having to disconnect and dial back in and have a seamless high quality 4K experience.

5G’s super-fast speed, low latency and massive bandwidth, across both mobile and fixed wireless access, can make this type of immersive video interaction possible. 5G will not only improve contextual awareness to help automatically recognize faces and focus the audio on the person speaking, it will bring all the fine details into sharper focus. Consider an architectural firm that’s sharing its floor plans with clients based in different locations via video conference. Having crisp, detailed images matter – that’s where 5G is crucial.

“When you have latency the camera downscales the video but with 5G’s low latency and great bandwidth, you get sharper video quality,” said HighFive’s Davide Pacchini. “With 5G, we can start to have a video conference with 4K and sometimes 8K video that can be brought right into the room and you don’t need anything but a 5G connection,”

More advanced 5G applications the company envisions include things like a connected fan experience in a sport arena where a fan can work on an AR solution, look at multiple screens and run 16K video across the stadium all streaming in real-time.

Stay tuned next week for another cool 5G demo from Verizon’s 5G Lab!

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About the author(s):

Chris Ashraf is an external communications manager at Verizon writing about 5G and network solutions.

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