Verizon Business Takes 5G Innovation Sessions Series to Los Angeles

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Verizon, the network America relies on, and Ericsson to demonstrate the latest 5G innovations at SoFi Stadium on October 19

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ - Verizon Business will demonstrate the transformative benefits of its business solutions at the next installment of its 5G Innovation Sessions series, occurring at SoFi Stadium on October 19. Executives from Verizon, Ericsson, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, Dreamscape Immersive, and Coco will demonstrate a range of forward-looking scenarios that leverage the power of 5G and Mobile Edge Compute. These include real-time container tracking, collaboration robots, video scene analytics monitoring manufacturing assembly, real-time crowd analytics, and interactive cityscapes. The program includes dynamic demonstrations by Verizon and Ericsson, speaker segments, and panel discussions.

“The real-world applications of Verizon’s innovations in 5G can enhance the way businesses operate, which is why we want our customers to see them firsthand at the 5G Innovation Session in LA,” said Massimo Peselli, CRO, Global Enterprise and Public Sector, Verizon Business. “It’s one thing to understand advancements in edge computing and private networks in theory. It’s another to see them in practice. We want our customers to make use of all the capabilities available to them.”

The event will be held at SoFi Stadium, in Inglewood, CA, featuring several prominent executives including Massimo Peselli, Chief Revenue Officer, Global Enterprise and Public Sector, Verizon Business; Jennifer Artley, Senior Vice President, 5G Acceleration, Verizon Business; Danny Johnson, Director, Product Marketing, Verizon Business; Arvin Singh, Head of 5G & Edge Innovation, Verizon Business; David Hickey, Vice President, West Business Markets, Verizon Business; David Everingham, CTO & Head of Technology, Ericsson; Blaze Vincent, Director, Technology & Business Development, Ericsson North America; Amir Rao, Director of Outbound Product Team, EC2 Core Product Management, AWS; Janette Smrcka, Vice President of IT Innovation and Revenue, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park; Aaron Grosky, President and Chief Operating Officer, Dreamscape Immersive; and Sahil Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Coco.

"In Los Angeles, you'll be able to actively engage with 5G through a host of interactive experiences," said David Everingham, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Strategy for Customer Unit Verizon. "5G's value is found in the day-to-day business applications that require 5G's high capacity, high throughput, low latency, reliability and security, which if applied creatively can solve extreme business challenges. We're looking forward to showcasing how Ericsson and Verizon are working together to further advance 5G connectivity for all customers' benefit."

To register for the LA event, use this link.

Verizon’s commitment to LA

Over the last decade, working through nonprofit partners and a suite of programs and resources, Verizon Innovative Learning has committed $1 billion in market value to support digital equity and inclusion within education for some of the most vulnerable populations across the country. The initiative is celebrating 10 years of providing free technology, internet access and resources to schools and educators across America, reaching over 1.5 million students at schools across the U.S., including Title I schools.

In Los Angeles County, over 49,000 students have been reached across 39 schools through the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program. This academic year, the program has welcomed over 7,000 new students in the Los Angeles, Compton, and Glendale unified school districts.

Additionally, all educators and students have access to Verizon Innovative Learning HQ, our free next-gen online education portal that provides XR content, professional development, and lesson plans. These efforts are part of Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement; which is underpinned by using leading edge technology to drive social impact and create lasting change.

Verizon realizes the importance of technology in helping small businesses succeed, which is why we have a goal to support one million small businesses by 2030. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready, a free online curriculum, was designed to give small businesses the tools they need to thrive in today’s digital economy, including access to personalized learning plans, coaching from experts and networking opportunities with diverse business owners.  Since launch in September 2021, more than 15,000 California-based businesses have been onboarded to the program.

Supporting first responders who serve California

During 2021, the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team deployed in support of more than 130 public safety agencies in California to provide mission-critical communications capabilities to the first responders on the front lines of wildfire response efforts and multiple other emergency response operations. More than 1,100 Verizon Frontline devices and solutions ranging from mobile hotspots, routers, smart devices and drones, to dozens of deployable satellite solutions, such as Satellite Picocells on Trailers (SPOTs), were deployed in support of California first responders.

This support has continued during 2022, as the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team has already deployed more than 1,000 Verizon Frontline solutions in support of more than 80 California public safety agencies. This ongoing support is provided at no cost to local agencies and represents a continuation of Verizon Frontline’s commitment to investing and innovating in partnership with public safety and government.

Switch to the network LA relies on

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About the 5G Innovation Sessions

Verizon’s 5G Innovation Sessions have so far taken place in Atlanta (July), Houston (August) and Boston (September). Upcoming installments of the series will occur in New York (November 8), and Phoenix (December 6). Forthcoming events will cover a range of themes, including Managed Venue, Fixed Wireless Access, Private 5G, and Mobile Edge Compute.

[1] Auto Pay & paper-free billing req'd. Unlimited 5G Nationwide/4G LTE: In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. All smartphone lines on the account must be on Welcome Unlimited and are eligible only for select device/other promotions. Domestic data roaming at 2G speeds.

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