Verizon Business launches 5G Innovation Sessions series in Atlanta

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Verizon and Ericsson to demo the latest 5G innovations in Sports and Entertainment at State Farm Arena in Atlanta on July 27.

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ - Verizon Business will showcase the real-world impact of 5G Ultra Wideband and Mobile Edge Compute on the sports and entertainment industry, and beyond, at the award-winning State Farm Arena in Atlanta on July 27. Executives from the Atlanta Hawks, Ericsson, Verizon Business and other innovative companies will present a host of game-changing scenarios, including an interactive cityscape, accelerated access to venues where customers can opt-in to use facial recognition, near real-time crowd analytics, autonomous shopping, 5G-accelerated Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) deployments, mission-critical communications, and more. Presentations will include a series of dynamic demos and customer success stories.

“The 5G Innovations Sessions are an invaluable opportunity for our customers to learn about the wide variety of practical applications of 5G Ultra Wideband and Mobile Edge Compute,” said Massimo Peselli, SVP of Global Enterprise for Verizon Business. “It’s hard to overstate the benefit of these face-to-face demonstrations. It’s one thing to understand the importance of digital transformation. It’s another to learn new, specific ways to streamline, secure and further connect your business. This series empowers our customers to fully leverage the power of Verizon’s network, thereby future-proofing their operations.”

The event will be held at State Farm Arena, located at 1 State Farm Drive in downtown Atlanta. This event series host/moderator will be Stephanie Humphrey, an author and Technology Contributor for ABC News and will feature notable executive speakers, including Brian Gorney, Head of Sports and Entertainment North America, Verizon Business, Mark Tina, Vice President of Business Sales, Eastern Region, Verizon Business, David Everingham, CTO and Head of Technology, Verizon Account, Ericsson North America, Kim Rometo, CIO & CTO, Atlanta Hawks, and Arvin Singh, Head of 5G and Edge Innovation at Verizon Business. A panel moderated by Stephanie will include Blaze Vincent, Technology & Business Development at Ericsson North America, Andrew Saltzman, EVP & CRO, Atlanta Hawks, Danny Johnson, Director of Product Marketing at Verizon Business and other high-profile executives.

To register for the State Farm Arena event, use this link.

Upcoming installments of the series will take place in Houston (August 24), Boston (September 28), Los Angeles (October 19), New York (November 9), and Phoenix (December 7). Forthcoming events will cover a range of themes, including Managed Venue, Fixed Wireless Access, Private 5G and Mobile Edge Compute.

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