And the latest RootMetrics winners are … Verizon customers!

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And the latest RootMetrics winners are … Verizon customers!

There are a lot of claims being made by wireless companies about their networks. Some say they are powerful, other say they are fast – but when it comes down to actual network performance, independent studies point to one company time after time as providing a better wireless experience.

Verizon Wireless customers once again have hard-and-fast data that indicates they’ve made the right choice. For the fifth consecutive testing period, Verizon Wireless was rated No. 1 in overall network performance in the United States by RootMetrics in its National RootScore® Report.

In addition to overall performance, Verizon’s network was ranked highest for the fifth consecutive testing period in reliability, data and call performance. Verizon also won network speed performance for the fourth consecutive time and shared a first place ranking in text performance.

Performance by State

So, just how handily did the Verizon Wireless network outscore the competition? Verizon outranks all competitors, ranking first or tied for first with the most wins or ties in all six state categories:

  • 46 states for Overall Performance (vs. 11 wins/ties for nearest competitors)
  • 47 states for Network Reliability (vs. 20 win/ties for nearest competitors)
  • 44 states for Data Performance (vs. 9 win/ties for nearest competitors)
  • 41 states for Network Speed (vs. 10 win/ties for nearest competitors)
  • 45 states for Call Performance (vs. 23 win/ties for nearest competitors)
  • 49 states for Text Performance, (including the most outright wins at 10)

“We’re pleased that a 5th straight overall RootMetrics ranking has the Verizon network at the top, but our focus already has turned to winning number six – because our customers depend on us to be even better tomorrow,” said Mike Haberman, vice president-network support for Verizon. “Right now, our teams are assessing how we can enhance network performance across the country."

“And because we know customers and businesses rely on Verizon to reliably connect more than ever, we’re accelerating our deployment of new technologies to continue to improve our network ahead of growing demand.”

RootMetrics, an independent mobile analytics firm, said its national study was designed to portray the consumer mobile network performance experience at a national and state level, beyond their metro-specific reports. Each RootScore is calculated from a combination of tests that are weighted to reflect the impact that a consumer would experience.

Scores were based on RootMetrics testing performed in the second half of 2015 (July-December). The company ranked the four major U.S. wireless providers in six network performance categories: Overall, Reliability, Data, Speed, Call and Text.

Rankings based on the RootMetrics® U.S. and State RootScore® Reports: 2H, 2015. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on 4 national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit for more details.

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