A Behind the Scenes Look At a Fiber Solution Center

By: Chris Zorn-Pregel

The employees at Verizon’s Fiber Solutions Center in Pittsburgh demonstrate a commitment to great customer service every day.  Giving our consumer and business customers an outstanding service experience creates an advantage in the highly competitive communications industry.

The Pittsburgh facility provides support for Verizon’s FiOS and copper networks.  Employees answer technical questions and are diligent in diagnosing and correcting issues for customers in Verizon’s wireline service areas across the country.

To ensure that our employees have the tools and support they need for success and professional growth, we encourage two-way communication and value employee involvement.  With a focus on teamwork, cooperation, and continuous feedback, our center has a dynamic environment that enables employees to develop their skills and abilities as they work to embrace and take ownership of customers’ issues.

In the end, it is all about creating a culture that employees are proud to be a part of, providing the opportunity for innovative thinking, and empowering employees so they can be active partners in creating the future and successfully caring for our customers.