04/23/2020|Inside Verizon

Coming through for their communities.

By: Dave Boerger
Communications Strategist/Writer

Two V Teamers volunteer for local fire and ambulance crews.

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There are a lot of amazing V Teamers out there who volunteer their time, including some who do their “day job” at Verizon, only to go out again as volunteers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greg Rainey, an Enterprise Project Management Engineer who lives in Dumont, NJ, has been with Verizon for 30 years. He and his wife both volunteer for their local ambulance crew. “When someone calls for an ambulance during our shift, we go down and get the ambulance and do patient care,” says Greg.

When Doug Waxler of Pittsburgh, PA isn’t working as a Solutions Architect in the Consumer Insights group at Verizon, he’s often volunteering as the Assistant Fire Chief of his local Hookstown volunteer fire department.

“There’s a little bit of worry. I have a wife and child at home,” said Doug. “You have to take the extra precautions and even take off your gear properly to make sure you don’t expose yourself to something.”

The volunteer responsibilities of both men have changed since the start of the pandemic. “The virus is causing a lot more patients,” explained Greg. “People are feeling scared and worried. Now is a crucial time for us to help and let them feel like there is someone there for them.”

Despite the heightened danger, both men are resolute in their determination to continue volunteering. “There’s a job to do,” said Doug. “No matter what happens, if there’s someone who needs help, we still have to go.”

“Just because a virus comes along, it doesn’t change how we feel,” added Greg. “I never thought about stopping or giving it up. They still need people to do this. It’s something we want to do.”

About the author:

Dave Boerger is a part of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular contributor to Up To Speed. He's a recovering marketer and sitcom writer.

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