Connected-Home Gadgets to Get Excited About in 2015

Like many intrigued online tech observers of the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, I had my Twitter feed honed in on tech reporters. If you were tracking the same CES I was, there was something you couldn't ignore: The technologies we've been anticipating for years have arrived.

2015 is being dubbed the year of the connected home. Here are some gadgets you can purchase either today or in the near future. This should give you a flavor for emerging connected capabilities and where connectivity is trending in the home in 2015.

Arist Connected Coffee Arist: With a touch of your smartphone or tablet, make the perfect latte or cup of coffee – every time. Arist adjusts each step in the brewing process to brew coffee based on your preferences and bring out the best taste in each bean. Available in late 2015 | Pre-order price: $449


Netatmo Welcome Camera: Welcome puts names to the faces it sees. The camera features revolutionary face-recognition technology so you know when your loved ones are safely home. Welcome sends the names of people it recognizes to your smartphone. The camera also notifies you when it sees an unfamiliar face. In the App, check who is currently home, access live stream and past events. Available in 2015

Parrot Flower Power: Never accidentally kill a plant again. The Parrot Flower Power uses a wireless sensor that connects with your smart phone to let you know when and how much water your plant needs. Available now | Price: $59

Kiddie RemoteLync: What if your home smoke detector goes off when you’re not home? Chances are it will be too late by the time you return. The Kiddie RemoteLync, which is connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet, will send an alert to your mobile phone via text. This allows you the option of calling 911 or a designated contact. Available in late February. Price: $100

PetCube: PetCube brings people closer to their pets. As long as there is a signal on your smartphone, you can check on your pet from any part of the globe. Through the built-in wide-angle camera you can see, talk and play with your pet. Available now | Price $199