10.13.2015Enterprise Tech

Networks spark digital transformation in a variety of industries

The digital future is upon us. This year has seen growing demand for data – by enterprises and their customers – and the continued emergence of cloud-based applications and mobility solutions in every industry around the globe.

The ability to pursue growth while at the same time managing risk calls for a network that is flexible, agile and can adapt to changing demands. It also calls for an IT department that not only understands the needs of the business, but is fully immersed in its planning and success. Verizon has captured these insights and more in 10 new, industry-focused reports that highlight how important the network is to transforming the way business gets done. It’s no surprise that the key to a successful digital enterprise is the network.

It’s the foundation that makes it easier for the public sector to help citizens complete forms online or for manufacturing firms to manage their inventory or fleets through the “Internet of Things.” It’s the way a healthcare company can securely keep track of critical information and what helps a retailer ensure that its ecommerce platform is there to serve shoppers at any time of the night or day.

Verizon commissioned research earlier this year from Forrester Consulting that showed that while more than half of the CIOs surveyed had begun the digital transformation, there is still work to do. Across industries, there is a growing realization that changing the culture of any organization is vital to making a successful transition. The 10 industry reports -- energy and utilities, entertainment and media, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, public sector, retail, technology and transportation and distribution – discuss where each segment is in digital transformation and the critical factors for success.

Regardless of industry, the reports show companies can look to new technologies and approaches like software defined networking (SDN) as a way to deploy a future-ready services, help improve customer satisfaction and deliver operational efficiencies.

To read more about the digital transformation and your industry, or to download Verizon’s network report “Digital transformation powers your business” click here.