Diversity makes us stronger.

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Verizon was recently recognized as a finalist for International Diverse Company of the Year. V Teamer Sorcha Kavanagh shares her perspective on the importance of diversity.

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Our diversity efforts are making an impact around the world. We’re honored to be shortlisted for International Diverse Company of the Year by the Diversity in Tech awards as an organization creating a more diverse workplace in the technology sector. 

Previously known as the Women in Tech awards, the Diversity in Tech Awards shine the spotlight on the achievements of organizations creating a more diverse workplace while striving to narrow the gender gap in the technology sector.  

The Diversity in Tech categories include seven categories this year, including awards for role models in tech, LGBTQ+ inclusion, social mobility, disability inclusion, cultural inclusion, generational inclusion and health and wellness. The International Diverse Company of the Year and Special Recognition Award were added for 2021. 

Elevating her career: Sorcha Kavanagh.

Verizon Connect Technical Project Manager Sorcha Kavanah is committed to moving her career forward on the V Team. Part of the V Team since 2018, she recently started an EMEA leadership development program. Her takeaways so far:

  • We all have our individual strengths and we need to lean into these, rather than trying to be good at everything. 
  • We need to understand and build our personal brands. How do people see us? How do we want to be seen? What is most important to us? 
  • It’s so important to be authentic and self-aware so that the trust necessary to all types of relationships can be built.

Diversity played a key role in the next stage of the program where Sorcha developed her leadership skills through sessions on fierce conversations, conflict resolution and team building. “Through these workshops, we had the opportunity to meet people from all areas across Verizon. This diversity really allowed us to get completely different perspectives and ideas and help us navigate through a sometimes blinkered view of the world.” 

Mentorship was next and it gave Sorcha the opportunity to meet with leadership in small groups, which allowed her to connect with our diverse leadership, understand their career journeys and benefit from their advice.

“The program not only provided me with the opportunity and tools to develop my leadership skills but also the support and encouragement to be able to step out of my comfort zone which is where real growth happens.” 

Sorcha’s also committed to building a pipeline of future diversity in tech leaders to create an environment of innovation with emerging talent. She’s a volunteer for the Junior Achievement Initiative, a mentoring program for girls in secondary school where she discusses the opportunities available to them in the tech industry when they’re ready to start their careers.

Verizon drives the mindset at all levels that diversity and inclusion is imperative and this is continuously reinforced by all leaders. Their commitment to creating this environment is like nothing I have experienced before in a workplace.

V Teamer Sorcha Kavanagh

Once again, congratulations to all who were recognized at the 2021 Diversity in Tech Awards. 

Learn more about Verizon’s EMEA team and our empowering global culture. 

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