08.26.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: SD-WAN for finance; small business security; channel of the future

By: Grainne Colgan

The Internet of Things (IoT) in financial services is growing at a rapid rate as more businesses examine how to best leverage IoT technology to better serve customers. However, with this growing rate comes a significant increase in the demand on data centers and remote sites. No longer is it possible to sustain such demands with traditional Wide-Area-Networks (WANs). Could Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) be the answer?

Also, while cyberattacks on large companies make headlines, hacks impacting small businesses have significant impact on the economy and on overall cyber health. And many aren’t properly prepared to handle an attack.

Our final article this week looks at effective marketing strategies for the next generation of channel partners. How do resellers and systems integrators attract, retain and grow revenue from their clients? The answer lies in more than just top technology (although that is important).

Here’s this week’s spotlight…

Banking on SD-WAN

SD-WAN and IoT can work together in financial services as the workloads associated with IoT are putting greater strain on network architecture. (Financial IT)

Can your small business afford to be hacked?

Big companies bounce back from the financial and reputation repercussions of cyberattacks, but what about small businesses? Attacks can bring small business to a standstill, with many not having cyber insurance plans in place. (Fox News)

Get moving on 3-month plan for success

How do value-added resellers and systems integrators effectively market and grow their businesses? There are three keys to success: understand your customer and anticipate market movement, attract and retain innovative people, and stay ahead of the technology curve. (Channel Partners)