04/03/2020|Inside Verizon

In the eye of the storm.

By: Jessica Bonardi

V Teamer Chiara Belloni continues to work from Milan, a city hit hard by COVID-19.

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For Chiara Belloni, a consultant for the global Human Resources team in Italy, her world was upended before much of the rest of the world.

“At the very beginning we all heard about coronavirus, but we never thought it would actually hit us,” she said.

Instead, Milan became an early hot spot. Chiara and her colleagues started working from home and have been doing so for over four weeks. They’ve had time to find a new rhythm. “We stay at home. We only go out when we need to go food shopping and we do that with a mask and gloves.”

Chiara and her family also take part in the new community tradition. “We’re part of the group that sings at 9 PM every day. We go on our balcony. My kids sing some music and say hello to everybody.”

Despite the difficulties, she feels fortunate to have a family and be a V Teamer. “I feel really proud being part of this organization, not only because I can work from home, but also because of what we give our customers to help them work from home,” Chiara said. “Just thinking about it makes me smile. We are enabling the world to stay connected and keep in touch. This is amazing.”

Thank you, Chiara, for your indomitable spirit and for continuing to move the world forward.

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