Fios customers can watch WAPA América and Televisión Dominicana for free following Hurricane Fiona

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NEW YORK - Spanish-speaking Fios TV customers in the United States can stay up-to-date on the latest news from Hurricane Fiona’s aftermath with free access to WAPA América and Televisión Dominicana.

The two networks will be available to all Fios TV subscribers at no additional cost starting Thursday, September 22, and through Friday, October 21. Both networks have been airing live, onsite, and nearly around-the-clock news coverage of Hurricane Fiona and its aftermath.

WAPA América, available on Fios TV channel 1508, is the U.S. arm of Puerto Rico's leading broadcast network with the highest primetime and full-day ratings on the Island. Televisión Dominicana, available on Fios TV channel 1506, provides access to the most highly rated TV stations in the Dominican Republic.

Both WAPA América and Televisión Dominicana are always available in Fios TV's Mundo and Mundo Total plans, as well as the Spanish Language Package and the Spanish-language regional packages.

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