FiOS Parental Controls Make Summer a Breeze

It’s that time of year again:  school is ending, and everyone is looking forward to the more relaxed summer months. Although our focus is on graduations and summer vacation plans, here’s a reminder that June is also Internet Safety Month.
Taking the time to educate and review safe Internet practices with your children can help prevent potential Internet risks and home- network security issues. 
FiOS Internet service’s features -- and setting some simple rules and limitations on Internet usage -- will enable you to feel confident when your children are online. For example, Verizon’s FiOS Quantum Gateway router gives users the ability to manage Internet access on a per day and per device basis. The My FiOS mobile app allows you to control this straight from your smartphone or tablet. 
It is also important to feel confident about what your children are watching on TV. With FiOS TV Parental Controls, you can block specific channels or use age preferences to block content for a particular age group in just a few easy steps on your interactive guide.  You also have the option to control these settings right from the FiOS Mobile app.
Verizon is committed to helping you ensure that your children are safe while surfing the Web or watching TV so that you – and they -- can enjoy a fun-filled, worry-free summer.