03/26/2020|Inside Verizon

Keeping food on the shelves.

By: Jessica Bonardi

Howard Spink and his team help a major UK supermarket chain keep up with changing demand.

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As a Managing Principal for the Verizon Business Group in the United Kingdom, Howard Spink handles a number of large corporate accounts. Perhaps none is more critical to local communities during the COVID-19 outbreak than Tesco.

“They're a huge grocery supermarket business here in the U.K., so a really important client at this time to keep food on the shelves for everybody,” he said.

Howard reports that Tesco is seeing a dramatic jump in sales. “They’re home shopping business is up 50% even over their biggest Christmas peak. So they’re under real pressure right now.”

Verizon is a critical part of Tesco’s digital nervous system. “There are no products that move, no orders that get shipped, nothing that goes through a register without using the services that Verizon supplies.”

To meet the rising demand, Tesco is opening a new distribution center. But they can’t do it without us. “We managed to get some emergency connectivity in there with wireless equipment,” Howard said. “We’ve been laying out LAN and WiFi technology. Amazingly, we’ve got full connectivity into that location.”

Howard can’t say enough about the work the team has done to make this happen. “The job has been unbelievably well organized by everyone across the business. It’s a critical time to support Tesco, so thanks to them all.”

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