Don’t just pledge to make a difference, take action today.

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Translate your words into actions and share how you contributed to greater racial justice and equality.

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Actions speak louder than words. That saying has a whole new meaning as many people post messages of solidarity in reaction to the events happening around the world.

While it’s critical to raise awareness and vocalize our support, we have to do more than simply pledge to make a difference. We have to take action and work together to build a more inclusive and equitable future.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility team has curated a series of virtual volunteer events to support organizations who are on the front lines of racial and social justice. Whether it’s helping people register to vote or preserving a piece of Black history, there is an opportunity for everyone to drive effective and sustained change.

After you volunteer, please use the cards below to share why you took action on your social media channels. Additionally, we added designs that reflect the resources available in our Race & Social Justice Action Toolkit, so you can share how you are expanding your knowledge and initiating important conversations.

We know good drives good, so this is an opportunity to remind people that they can make a real difference that goes beyond sharing good intentions.

Act today to change tomorrow!

I walked in support of racial justice and equality.

                                                   Download this card


I volunteered to help people register to vote.

                                                   Download this card


I volunteered to promote racial justice reform.

                                                   Download this card


I volunteered to get the word out about the 2020 Census.

                                                   Download this card.


I had a conversation on race with my family and friends.

                                                   Download this card


I completed the 2020 Census.

                                                   Download this card.


I registered to vote.

                                                   Download this card.


I spoke up publicly in support of racial justice and equality.

                                                   Download this card


I watched a film about race.

                                                   Download this card


I read a book about race.

                                                   Download this card


I listened to a podcast about race.

                                                   Download this card.


I listened to my colleague's personal experience about race and how it has impacted them.

                                                   Download this card.

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