Maven adopts Verizon Media’s identity solution to drive greater relevancy, trust

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NEW YORK - Maven (OTC: MVEN), a modern media company operating and powering premium media brands such as Sports Illustrated and TheStreet today, announced the adoption of Verizon Media’s identity solution across its portfolio of digital media brands and sites, including Sports Illustrated and TheStreet. The partnership will service more seamless transactions for advertisers and facilitate greater transparency and control for consumers.

"The ability for advertisers to reach key audiences is paramount for our brands," said Andrew Q. Kraft, COO at Maven. "The industry is shifting away from cookies across all browsers - not just Chrome. Just because the death of the Chrome cookie has been pushed out, doesn't mean that many of the cookies aren't already dead. We are leaning into solutions that enable us to maximize our first-party data, while preserving consumer value and trust. Verizon Media understands first hand what we as publishers need, which is why we have confidence that the partnership with Verizon Media ConnectID will translate into value-driven consumer relationships for Maven.”

Verizon Media’s unified identity solution helps advertisers and publishers connect with audiences wherever they spend their time -- mobile, web, connected TV, and more, while respecting consumer choice and privacy. It helps marketers maximize their own first-party data for campaign optimization and measurement, and enables publishers to leverage first-party audience data for better monetization as part of the Verizon Media Ad Platform. Verizon Media today reaches 148 million deterministic logged in users across over 240 million unique profiles and 400 million unique devices, fueled by both direct consumer relationships and partnerships.

“First-party data and people-first solutions will be core to the future of identity,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media. “That diverse consent-based, cross-channel data is what will help the industry create new and alternative identity, targeting and measurement solutions, while keeping the focus on consumer value. Maven’s vast and dynamic brand and publishing experience is a welcome addition to our identity partner base.”

Differentiated by direct consumer relationships, Verizon Media ConnectID enables advertisers to buy, measure, and optimize ads while enabling publishers to manage, monetize, and navigate audiences -- all without third-party cookies. Verizon Media’s direct consumer relationships span a strong and loyal user-base of roughly 900 million globally through its owned and operated consumer brands including Yahoo and AOL.

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