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05.21.2020Inside Verizon

My Cause: Giving military vets one last salute.

By: Prasanthi Pavuluri
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With service in his blood and music in his veins, Brian Jonson is elevating the Taps processional for the families of veterans as they are laid to rest.

Brian Jonson has blended his deep respect for the military and long-time love for the trumpet into final honors for fallen soldiers and their families.
""Inspired by his father, uncles and grandfathers’ service in the military and an urge to pick up the trumpet after years away, Brian took advantage of an opportunity through Bugles Across America to give back to the military community.
He joined the organization in late 2019 and hasn’t looked back. Along with 4,000 trumpeters from across the U.S., Brian volunteers to fulfill the group’s important “mission,” as Bugles Across America calls it, to play the melodic and meaningful Taps processional live as veterans are laid to rest. 
With requests coming in from as far as 100 miles away, Brian aims to attend as many funerals as possible to help give those families a sense of closure. He knows, from personal experience, hearing those notes live can support the grieving and healing process. And while Brian feels playing the trumpet during the funerals is often emotional and difficult, he plans to play for as long as he is able.
Thank you Brian for honoring our veterans and supporting our military families during their incredible time of need.

If you have suffered a loss, refer to our Coping With Loss site on About You for support and resources on grieving, funeral arrangements and making sense of life afterward. 

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Prasanthi is a member of the Human Resources Communications team.