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05.15.2020Inside Verizon

My Cause: Protecting and serving my community.

By: Prasanthi Pavuluri
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David Turner’s 16 years as a volunteer police officer continues a calling to serve his country.


David Turner has three full-time jobs: Dad, project manager within Verizon Business and a volunteer police officer with the Wiltshire Police Force in the United Kingdom.

After briefly serving in the British Army, David felt compelled to continue service to country, so he volunteered to protect and serve his greater community as a Special Constable — a role that’s more important than ever during COVID.

One of more than 200 volunteers fulfilling this vital role, which carries nearly equal responsibility of paid officers, David shines as he dedicates more than 50 hours per month — well above the 16-hour minimum — across nights, weekends and holidays.

With 16 years under his belt, David has no plans to stop. Especially because during COVID, he believes his service has become increasingly important, providing invaluable community reassurance and answering domestic violence calls, among other duties.

Thank you David for being on the frontlines when you’re needed most. We’re proud to call you a V Teamer.

How are you helping your community during our new normal?

Use this brief form on VZWeb or email us at to share how you’re helping your community respond, thrive and move forward. We’ll contact you if we can feature you in our My Cause series.

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Prasanthi is a member of the Human Resources Communications team.