My Why: Caroline Ancheta

By: Chris Serico
Manager - Employee Communications

Caroline Ancheta shares her Verizon story and celebrates her motivations as a V Teamer.

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To celebrate Verizon’s 20th anniversary, we’re highlighting the Verizon journeys of 20 V Teamers and what drives their passion, on and off the job. This week, we’re highlighting Caroline Ancheta, a Senior Manager of the Consumer Sales and Service Center in Hampton, VA.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
I love traveling. I just love being outdoors. I love to go hiking, which honestly is kind of difficult during these times, but I just want to be out and about. My favorite places I have been to are my childhood bucket[-list] places: definitely top of the list is the pyramids in Giza, and just being able to skyjump in Dubai is just one of the greatest travel experiences ever.

What did you do before you joined Verizon?
I worked for an aeronautics company. My husband, who’s on active duty in the military, was stationed here in Virginia 13 years ago, and we have just been fortunate that we’ve been here since then.

What inspired you to join Verizon initially?
My job search was during the FiOS build out, so, I thought it was really great and really cool to be part of the new, cool thing. So, here I am, 13 years after, and still being part of a great company.

What motivates you as a Verizon employee?
Just being able to wake up every day to lead a great team — I love my team, by the way — just to kind of see them perform and bring their all every day, that is what makes my day and that is what makes me show up for work every day.

What are you proudest to have accomplished at Verizon?
Being able to be a very engaged and active social responsibility ambassador I think is the biggest personal accomplishment for me, and [I love] the fact that Verizon makes it so easy to do. I have been able to do a lot with WAVE, which is the Women's Association of Verizon Employees. Also, APEX, which is the Employee Resource Group that supports Asian-Pacific employees. And then we also have BOLD, who really supports the endeavors and making sure that we bring awareness for our African-American employees. And we also have Prism, which [supports and] raises awareness for our LGBTQ employees.

What do you hope to achieve with Verizon in the future?
I love everything about Verizon right now, and how we continue to disrupt the business and the industry, and, at the same time, still be able to take care of our society, and to continue to be able to build and motivate future leaders for the business as well.

What’s your hidden talent?
[I make] chocolate-covered strawberries, and I’ve been told that I should probably be a competitor for Edible Arrangements.

In 20 seconds, what would you tell someone who is considering working for Verizon?
Verizon is a great place to work. And just like Hans [Vestberg] said, we already are a great company, but we still are on the way to be a fantastic one, and I love that. [I love] the people; the leadership; how everyone takes care of each other; how we take care of our society, our shareholders, our customers [and] our employees. You really want to be here. This is the place to be.

About the author:

Chris is a member of the Verizon Public Relations team and a contributor to Up To Speed. When he's not singing a cappella or quoting vintage episodes of "The Simpsons," please give him all your burgers.

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