07.21.2020|Inside Verizon

My Why: Soyirindhi Hore

By: Rebecca Nicole Laming

Zara (Soyirindhi) Hore turns her passion into purpose as a V Teamer.

This week’s My Why features HR Manager Zara (Soyirindhi) Hore from Bangalore, India.

“We before me.” Since joining the team in November 2019, Verizon’s people-driven strategy has made a profound impact on Zara. In fact, from the moment she interviewed with her future teammates, Zara was certain Verizon was the best place for her to thrive professionally. And she has already made her mark as a volunteer champion.

With a not-so-hidden talent of writing and a love for her family (and Zumba), Zara is the perfect example of what makes Verizon special—we have the best people putting our purpose into action.

What is My Why?

To celebrate Verizon’s 20th anniversary, we’re highlighting the Verizon journeys, accomplishments, passions and goals of 20 dynamic and diverse V Teamers.

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My Why

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