New Life Mechanics Hotline: hum by Verizon expands helpline from vehicle info into finances, horoscopes and more!

Finally: GPS for your life

IRVINE, CALIF. – Hum by Verizon, the company’s connected car technology designed to make drivers smarter about their cars, is expanding beyond the world of automobile issues and into other problems you may have in daily life.

“Experts on our mechanics hotline were receiving a whole lot of questions that go well beyond the realm of oil changes and bald tires,” said Roger L. Easton, VP, Verizon. “And we realized that many of those experts actually have insights into more than how to fix that rattle in your car. So we mashed up the two and created ‘Life Mechanics Hotline,’ a toll-free number where a caller gets GPS for their life. When your life takes a wrong turn, Life Mechanics help you recalculate and gives you a better way to go.”

Speaking with our Verizon Life Mechanics, customers receive advice from hum’s certified mechanics about their car troubles and life’s other challenges. The expanded service is intended to help coach callers with typical problems, including career help, financial planning and budgeting, love life and fitness.
Because no consumer question is off limits, no special training is required to become a Life Mechanic — all one needs is strong opinions and a forceful tone. Life Mechanics will make recommendations about potential steps to address callers’ everyday problems before they become big ones — just like they would with a vehicle.

“Already, hum has revolutionized how drivers can be more in tune with their car. Now we’re building off that success. We know what it’s like to get a flat tire on the road of life, and Verizon wants to be there with a jack and a spare for our customer’s issues,” said Easton.

To get additional information about the new Life Mechanics Hotline service and speak with a Life Mechanic directly, call 844.727.7503.

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