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05.23.2018Inside Verizon

Nieama Booker: It’s not about where you come from.

By: Peter Casale

The Jersey City born V Teamer tells her story of of how she went from hard times to celebrating at President’s Cabinet.

Meet Nieama Booker

Have you ever felt like giving up? Nieama Booker has. If you were her, you probably would too. But she made a choice that she wasn’t going to let her circumstances define her.

Instead, she defined herself — as determined, hopeful and passionate. I’ll even go ahead and throw in a fourth, fearless.

Determination is the most important thing to succeed - not just in yourself but to instill it in the people around you

Nieama Booker


Nieama began her career in a Customer Service Call Center in Morristown, NJ. Seventeen years later, she’s a top Verizon Enterprise Solution Sales Leader and Multiple President’s Cabinet winner.

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About the author(s): 

Peter Casale is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. He's the resident writer, producer and creative who likes to tell stories — just ask his parents, he's been doing it his whole life.