Now get 4 lines with 16GB for $150

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Now get 4 lines with 16GB for $150

The best network just got better. Now receive 4 lines of service with 16 GB in monthly data for $150 per month* when you upgrade or activate a phone on the Verizon Plan size L or larger. The promotion adds 2 GB of bonus data per line, per month on the new Verizon Plan for each upgrade or activation. And even better, for each line you activate you can get a free Samsung Galaxy J3 V smartphone**.

Verizon is the best value for the family of four:

Verizon: 8 GB Verizon Plan L on four lines + 8 GB of monthly bonus data = 16 GB on 4 lines for $150.

Big blue: 5 GB on 4 lines for $150

Big yellow: 12 GB on 4 lines for $140

All networks are NOT equal. Verizon announced this week it made a $5 billion in network investment for the first half of 2016. Verizon has now invested about $116 billion in our network since 2000, more than any other wireless company. Not with Verizon? Now is the time to enjoy the network and switch. You’ll receive up to $650 to pay off your old phone or contract when you trade in your phone for a new one***. 

Your free Samsung Galaxy J3 V offers a 5–inch HD Super AMOLED display and features VoLTE capabilities, so you can connect with friends and family through HD calling or video calls. You can also enjoy expandable memory for increased storage and greater flexibility on the go. And even simplify your experience by turning on Easy Mode to get to your favorites quicker.

The 2 GB of bonus data per line, per month, every year, is sharable across all devices on your account, including tablets and connected devices. (However, tablets and connected devices are not eligible to receive the monthly bonus data when upgrading or activating.) You can add up to 10 lines per account. To receive the bonus data every year, your associated smartphone must remain active on the Verizon Plan L or larger size plan.

*Plus taxes & fees. $150/mo. includes line access fees based on 4 smartphone lines purchased on device payment on new Verizon Plan L (8GB) size. 8GB Bonus data applied as 2GB bonus data (applied w/in 2-3 cycles) per month, per line, as long as line remains active on the current new Verizon Plan size L (8GB) or larger; 2GB bonus does not carry over. Limited-time offer.

** Device payment purchase & new line of service req’d per phone. Five phones max per customer. Each Free Galaxy J3V phone:$7/mo less $7/mo bill credit for 24 mos; 0% APR. Retail price: $168. Bill credits begin w/in 2-3 cycles; ends when balance is paid.

***New smartphone device payment activation & port-in req'd. Get up to $650 prepaid card for installment plan balance less trade-in value (or up to $350 prepaid card for early termination fees less trade-in value). Trade-in must be in good working and cosmetic condition and be worth more than $0. Line must remain active for 6 mos. Visa prepaid card mailed within 8 weeks after receipt of claim. Limited time offer.

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